Early Press on Birthright Foundry

In early 2021, the news landed that Constance Polamalu and Birthright Foundry had been selected as one of six designers for the Natural Diamond Council x Lorraine Schwartz Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative. Coverage featured short bios on Constance and the inspiration to build Birthright Foundry. The news was covered by ELLE.com and major trade publications INSTORE MAGAZINE and National Jeweler.

"Founder/CEO of Birthright Foundry, Constance Polamalu is an American Samoan woman and first-generation jewelry designer based in Annapolis Maryland. Her work in the jewelry industry has taken her all across the United States, as well as to Italy, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Switzerland and Canada.
The Samoan oratory culture running through her veins makes her a natural storyteller. Constance considers her first language to be English, her second to be Jewelry and all her designs to be stories written in metal. As a new mother ignited by the turmoil of 2020, she decided to step outside of her duties at Zachary’s Jewelers as Chief Operating Officer and founded a new jewelry brand dedicated to preserving and resurrecting culturally significant stories."
To be selected in the first class of designers in the founding year was a true testament to the power of culture and design with a purpose!

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